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Which ACE™ Course is right for me?

We are Pleased to Offer 2 ACE™ Training Online Options to our Members

1. ACE™ Canadian

The Canadian Training Program contains some pronunciation patterns that are unique to Canadian speakers. It also has references and vocabulary specific to Canadian geography, culture and lifestyle. This Training Program is recommended for participants currently living in Canada and for those planning to immigrate to Canada. It is open to everyone who may be interested.

ACE Canadian Course Membership

2. ACE™ International

The International Training Program was designed to meet the needs of those participants who prefer to sound more “North American” and slightly less “Canadian”. This accent is typical of people living along the Pacific northwest coast of Canada and the United States. There are more international references in vocabulary, geography and lifestyle in the course content. This Training Program is intended for people living outside of Canada. It is also open to everyone who is interested.

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The similarities & difference between the Canadian and International courses.

ACE™ Canadian Membership ACE™ International Membership

ACE™ Canadian

ACE™ International

Comprehensive Content-14 Modules Comprehensive Content-14 Modules
Canadian nuances, such as “Canadian Raising”
(using a more central vowel at times)
No specific “Canadian” vowel sounds or content
Designed for participants living in Canada or planning to immigrate to Canada Designed for participants living outside of Canada
Bonus content: Canadian Fun Facts Bonus content: Idioms
Open to everyone Open to everyone

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