ACE™ Program eBook

Exercise samples from the eBook

The ACE™ Program is now in a convenient eBook format. The ACE™ Program will help you to identify your specific pronunciation differences and set achievable goals. The ACE Program™ offers over 100 listening and speaking exercises to help you speak English clearly and confidently. Learn to accurately pronounce consonants, vowels and common stress and intonation patterns of Canadian English.

Listen to the ACE™ Program Overview by Lisa Bjerke in audio format here:

The ACE™ Program is used as:

  1.  A self-study pronunciation improvement program.
  2.  An Instructional resource for speech language pathologists and ESL instructors.
  3.  A learning material for clients and students participating in accent modification training.

Click on the Exercise Samples below to see and hear how well the ACE™ Program can work for you.

“r”-Initial Word Position

The Canadian "r” sound!

Check out a sample of our listening and speaking exercises for the “r” sound in Canadian English.

“th”- Initial Word Position

Stick your tongue out!

Learn how to make the “th” sound.

/ɪ/ Vowel

Not a common sound in other languages

Click here for listening and speaking practice with the /ɪ/ vowel.

Compare nouns to verbs and notice the differences in pronunciation.

Questions & Statements

When do I change my pitch?

Find out more about the four common intonation patterns for sentences in English.

Syllabic “bl” /bǝl/

Tongue tip behind top teeth

Practice saying words with syllabic “bl” /bǝl/

Optima Director Spotlight

Lisa Bjerke Director Spotlight

Director Spotlight!

Lisa Bjerke has over 30 years of experience helping people improve their communication skills and is a recognized accent modification expert


ACE™ Program Testimonials

“I want to commend you on the quality of your book, Accent on Canadian English™: a pronunciation program for speakers of English as a second language. The methodical, organized and practical way in which you have approached the topic is amazing. The outcomes of your book and your course speak for themselves.”

Annette Stanwick, Former VP Medical Affairs-Gimbel Eye Centre

“I’m in awe of how well the ACE Assessment and your book (ACE™ Program) deals with all the areas needing to be addressed. The layout is very logical, well laid out and very functional to use.”

Adele McKernan, Speech Language Pathologist

“The ACE™ Program helped me to improve my pronunciation of unfamiliar English sounds and stress patterns. I’m more confident speaking English. I’m clearly understood both at work and in the community.”

Norman Chen (China), Professional Engineer

“I have both personal and professional experience with the ACE™ Program and strongly recommend it for anyone who wants to improve their spoken English. My pronunciation skills improved significantly in a very short period of time by using the ACE™ Program”. 

Luis. Guerra (Mexico), Marketing Executive