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When do I change my pitch?

Find out more about the four common intonation patterns for sentences in English.

Vowel Contrast /ʌ/ and / ɑ/

small item description

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Syllabic “bl” /bǝl/

Tongue tip behind top teeth

Practice saying words with syllabic “bl” /bǝl/

Compare nouns to verbs and notice the differences in pronunciation.

/ɪ/ Vowel

Not a common sound in other languages

Click here for listening and speaking practice with the /ɪ/ vowel.

“r”-Initial Word Position

The Canadian "r” sound!

Check out a sample of our listening and speaking exercises for the “r” sound in Canadian English.

“th”- Initial Word Position

Stick your tongue out!

Learn how to make the “th” sound.

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