/ɪ/ Vowel

/ɪ/ Vowel

The /ɪ/ sound (“ih”) is a short quick vowel in Canadian English. For example, “sit”. It often gets confused with /i/ (“ee”) as in “seat” Learn how to make the sound, listen to the difference between /ɪ/ and common substitutions and then practice saying /ɪ/ in words and sentences. Finally, familiarize yourself with common spelling variations for /ɪ/.

For more practice, listen to the audio file and follow along with the print exercises.

How to make the /ɪ/ sound:

Mouth shape: mouth is slightly open
Tongue height: high
Tongue position: front
Tension: lax

Listening Exercise:

I letter sound i letter sound
bit beet
hip heap
hill heal
rich reach
bin bean
I letter sound
pick peck
tin ten
Dick deck
win when
miss mess

Speaking Exercises:

  1. kiss
  2. thick
  3. fish
  4. simple
  5. miss
  6. figure
  7. stitch
  8. lift
  9. kitchen
  10. pretty
  11. finish
  12. rich
  13. ticket
  14. river
  15. shiver
  16. dismiss
  17. list
  18. dish
  19. risk
  20. sick
  21. implosion
  22. blister
  23. spring
  24. Mister (Mr.)

Pronounce the /ɪ/ vowel in these sentences:

  1. He slid down the bank into the river.
  2. The problem was simple to figure out.
  3. Mickey Mouse lives in Disneyland.
  4. I lost my ticket in the thick brush.
  5. The pretty girl gave him a kiss.
  6. Did I miss a stitch on the quilt?
  7. If you’re shivering, do up the zipper on your coat.
  8. Let’s go for a swim in the river.
  9. Did you switch the fish that we caught?
  10. Kim tied a ribbon in her hair.

/ɪ/ Spelling Variations:

  • i miss
  • e pretty
  • y gym
  • u*y busy
  • ie sieve

* Consonant sound