Syllabic “bl” /bǝl/

Syllabic “bl” /bǝl/

The /l/ sound is made differently in different languages. For example, the tongue tip is forward and touching behind the top teeth for English. The tongue tip touches the roof of the mouth much further back for languages like Hindi, Punjabi and Gujarti. In Japanese the /l/ and /r/ are perceived as the same sound.

Learn how to make syllabic “bl” in words and sentences. Then, familiarize yourself with common spelling variations for /bǝl/.

To practice the /bǝl/ sound, listen to the audio file and follow along with the print exercises.

How to make the /bǝl/ sound:

Insert the schwa vowel /ə/ between the /b/ and the /l/ sounds.
/bəl/ is pronounced as a separate syllable within the word.

Speaking Exercises:

Try saying these words out loud along with the audio recording.

  1. able
  2. cable
  3. bubble
  4. table
  5. global
  6. gamble
  7. sociable
  8. horrible
  9. available
  10. reasonable
  11. label
  12. possible
  13. verbal
  14. vegetable
  15. syllable
  16. enjoyable
  17. incredible
  18. double
  19. impossible
  20. humble
  21. mumble

Pronounce /bǝl/ in these sentences:

  1. Would you be able to set the table for me?
  2. Are you comfortable with getting cable television?
  3. Mabel is very concerned about global warming.
  4. Have you ever chewed Double Bubble™ gum?
  5. Is it possible to make a good vegetable casserole?
  6. The marble table is really incredible.
  7. He was very sociable but tended to mumble.
  8. Take a gamble and double your money.
  9. How is it possible for parrots to be verbal?
  10. Is the herbal medicine affordable?
  11. His convertible car was very enjoyable to ride in.
  12. It will be impossible to buy the horse stable.

/bǝl/ Spelling Variations:

  • ble table
  • bal global
  • bel Mabel