The Accent on Canadian English Pronunciation Assessment Kit (ACE PAK)


The ACE PAK™ is an assessment tool exclusively for speech language pathologists and ESL instructors who participated in the two day intensive ACE™ “Train the Trainer” Accent Modification Workshop. Please note: Verification is required before purchase. Please click here to complete the required form for an access code to order the ACE PAK.


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The Accent on Canadian English Pronunciation Assessment Kit ™ (ACE PAK) is a comprehensive and one of a kind tool for evaluating Canadian English pronunciation.

Assessment results are used to:

  • Identify specific pronunciation patterns for each client.
  • Assist clients in selecting personal pronunciation goals.
  • Establish a baseline to objectively measure progress with pronunciation.
  • Establish a baseline for self- perception of communication skills.
  • Establish a baseline for comprehensibility by others.
  • Customize pronunciation training based on individual or group needs.

The ACE PAK™ includes:

  • ACE Assessment Overview (guidelines for administration & scoring)
  • ACE Stimulus Manual (pictures & cards)
  • Word Analysis Form
  • Response Booklet (consonant, vowel and stress & intonation analyses)
  • Comprehensibility Rating Scale
  • Client Questionnaire (pre & post)
  • Pronunciation Goals Summary Form

All forms are reproducible.

The comprehensive ACE PAK™ incorporates three measures to evaluate Canadian English pronunciation:

  1. Objective measure of accuracy for sounds and stress and intonation patterns. Score obtained pre and post out of 200 points to measure progress.
  2. Self-perception measured with client questionnaires pre and post training.
  3. A comprehensibility rating scale is used pre and post as a subjective measure of how easily the client is understood.




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