ACE™ Pronunciation Training is a proven effective method for accent reduction. It assists members to be clearly understood and confident speaking English. Each of the 14 comprehensive training modules includes high impact pronunciation goals and strategies. These modules were created by Lisa Bjerke, a speech language pathologist with 30 years of experience in accent modification. Practice the detailed module content and notice a significant decrease in degree of perceived accent.


The ACE™ Training Modules can be worked on at your convenience and at your own pace. You will have lifetime access to the learning modules with your membership. You no longer need to schedule training sessions for specific days and times. If you have a busy schedule and are motivated to improve your English pronunciation, you can now achieve your goal of being more clearly understood-simply by dedicating a few minutes each day to the ACE™ Training Modules.

Optima Communications offers an online training course


We know that direct training with a speech language pathologist specializing in accent modification is not available or affordable to everyone. ACE™ Training Online is offered at a fraction of the cost of direct individual training. Whether you’re looking for a promotion in the workplace or just want to be more clearly understood, is an affordable resource for personal and professional development.


ACE™ Training Online is the only comprehensive accent modification program designed specifically for Canadian speakers. Whether you’re living in Canada or plan to move to Canada in the near future- you can get a jumpstart on speaking Canadian English more clearly.

We’re also offering an international training option to meet the needs of those participants who prefer to sound slightly “less Canadian”. This accent is typical of people living along the Pacific northwest coast of Canada and the United States.

Be more confident speaking English at your workplace

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I immigrated to Canada in 2013 from Russia and work as a Commercial Property Management Representative. My job involves a lot of face to face and phone communication. Before taking ACE Training, I was reluctant to speak, which made it difficult to socialize and meet new people. I avoided small talk and any unnecessary conversations.

I like how ACE Training was structured. The materials (print & audio) were very helpful and we covered one topic at a time. I saw my pronunciation improve bit by bit. Surprisingly, not only did my pronunciation improve, but I began to understand other people better. After taking ACE Training, I was assigned to present two webinars to Husky vendors. I consider this assignment a recognition of my achievements by management!

Lisa was very supportive. If we couldn’t achieve a desirable result in one way, she always offered another option to get it done – very motivational. I highly recommend ACE Training for anyone who wants to improve their pronunciation. The greatest improvement I made was – confidence, confidence, confidence!”

Nina Belyavsky, Husky Energy